A Protocol for Decentralized Synthetic Assets

We’re excited to announce that on June 29, Synthetify will be launching on AcceleRaytor!

Synthetify is a decentralized protocol that allows for the creation and exchange of synthetic assets that closely track the price of underlying assets. Synthetify’s synthetics adhere to the SPL token standard, allowing them to be easily integrated with DeFi applications across the Solana ecosystem.

This article will cover the two parts of an AcceleRaytor launch: 1) the Public Raise and 2) the IDO on Raydium.

1. SNY AcceleRaytor Public Raise details:

Total tokens for the raise: 700,000 SNY (0.7% of total SNY supply), unlocked

Token fixed price: 1.5 USDC for 1 SNY

To Liquidity and Beyond!

It was a little over 100 days ago that Raydium officially fired up its thrusters and blasted off. Our vision was to drive ecosystem-wide liquidity for Solana by creating an AMM that interacts with Serum’s central limit order book, all while solving key challenges for users like high fees and slow transactions.

The first step was to focus on bootstrapping liquidity for key projects and trading pairs. Once this foundation was in place, we mapped a course towards driving liquidity for the influx of new Solana projects and their communities.

Now a few months after launch, we take some time…

Accelerating the growth of the Solana ecosystem

It has been incredible to see the massive influx of people and projects joining the Solana ecosystem in the span of a few short months. At Raydium we’ve been having great discussions with other teams that are building amazing things at breakneck speed. We’re excited for all of the potential we’re seeing and the opportunity to be a part of it.

Our vision for Raydium has always been to play a key role in driving liquidity and expanding the ecosystem. …

PROJECT RAYDIATE — Community Challenge & RAYgional Ambassadors

Participate in Raydium’s Community Challenges below, earn points, and get on the Raydiate leaderboard!

By participating in the Raydium community, and being an active community member, you could be one of the winners of a prize pool of $RAY.

Community Challenge

Join our Raydium’s Little League Challenges. To participate, fill out the submission form here as you complete the challenges and earn points to get on our leaderboard!

  1. Follow Raydium on Twitter (50 pts)
  2. Like and Retweet this tweet and tag 2 friends in the replies (50 pts)
  3. Raycreator (200 pts, max 1 submission per week, up to 2400 pts)
    Inspired to…

The fusion of Raydium and partner projects, further driving the expansion of the ecosystem

It’s only been a month since the launch of Raydium, but things have moved pretty quick. A huge thanks to the community for all of the support so far. Here’s a peek at what’s next for Raydium, and the entire Solana and Serum ecosystem, as we continue to ramp up!

The Launch of Fusion Pools

You may have seen that we’re launching some new pools soon. We’re excited for the projects that we’ve partnered with on these pools; they’re all top quality projects with ambitious teams. …

Raydium is an on-chain order book AMM powering the evolution of DeFi

In less than a year, we’ve seen Decentralized Finance (DeFi) grow from a buzz word to an entire ecosystem that is setting new standards for personal financial autonomy and trust. DeFi embodies everything that decentralization and cryptocurrency is about. It allows everyone to access tools that have traditionally been the domain of large banks, corporations, venture funds and trading firms, without sacrificing autonomy.

Ethereum brought decentralized trading, lending, and yield earning to anyone with an internet connection. Furthermore, it did that while ensuring transparency, interoperability, and immutability through the blockchain. However, the current state of DeFi is far from perfect.

Legacy Blockchains are not Ready for DeFi


Raydium is an on-chain order book AMM powering the evolution of DeFi. https://raydium.io/

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