100 Days of Raydium

To Liquidity and Beyond!

5 min readJun 5, 2021

It was a little over 100 days ago that Raydium officially fired up its thrusters and blasted off. Our vision was to drive ecosystem-wide liquidity for Solana by creating an AMM that interacts with Serum’s central limit order book, all while solving key challenges for users like high fees and slow transactions.

The first step was to focus on bootstrapping liquidity for key projects and trading pairs. Once this foundation was in place, we mapped a course towards driving liquidity for the influx of new Solana projects and their communities.

Now a few months after launch, we take some time to reflect as we orbit into Solana Season.

So, Where are We Now?

Having everyone aboard for the ride has been amazing. Here’s a look at what we’ve seen along the way:

  • On day one, Raydium launched an AMM that radiates liquidity throughout the Solana ecosystem by interacting with the Serum central order book. The Raydium AMM has remained at the core of everything we’ve done since launch.
  • Fusion Pools were launched to allow high-quality projects to offer tokens to bootstrap their own liquidity. So far 10 pools have been launched with quickly emerging projects, including FIDA, OXY, COPE, MEDIA, and MER with more to come!
  • AcceleRaytor serves as a launchpad for new projects to raise capital and IDO while enabling the community to participate in carefully vetted token offerings. MEDIA and MER were the first two projects launched. If your project is interested in AcceleRaytor, feel free to fill out this form.
  • Permissionless Pools allow any project or user to create an AMM Pool that is tradable on Raydium and Serum. Less than 2 weeks after launch, more than 40 pools have already been created by project teams and the community.
  • Raydium reached $1 Billion in Total Value Locked (TVL) on May 4th. This was a huge liquidity milestone for the entire community and a big statement about how far the Solana ecosystem has come.

The first 100 days were about executing to build out all of the moving parts of Raydium, laying a foundation for the community, and the groundwork for what’s ahead.

So, What’s Next?

The next 100 days will be about supercharging the platform and working closely with partners and community to really crank up the Raydiation. Below are some of the top priorities for the next leg of this voyage:

Product & Platform

  • Scalability: Raydium has seen a massive influx of users since first launching, and with that came some growing pains. After the platform faced slowdowns during the first AcceleRaytor launch and IDO for MEDIA, we more than 10X-ed the number of dedicated RPC servers for Raydium. We’ve also worked closely with Serum to identify, optimize and resolve a few other issues encountered during high traffic events. As the community grows, Raydium will continue to dedicate significant resources and work alongside Solana and Serum teams to ensure the platform scales in line with the entire ecosystem.
  • UI/UX: In the lead up to Raydium’s launch, the team was heads down and focused on delivering a next-level AMM. Since then, we’ve worked hard to create a user experience that matches the pace of the platform’s development. However we are determined to strongly improve the aesthetics and usability of Raydium and are in the process of a full UI/UX refresh.
  • AcceleRaytor: The two initial AcceleRaytor launches have been incredibly successful in terms of participation, yet we are still striving to optimize the model. With each project comes unique challenges for a launch, which depend on total allocation, project community, tokenomics, and more. As a result, Raydium will continue to adjust and fine-tune the model in order to deliver value for the project and wider ecosystem, while also striving to properly reward the Raydium community.
  • Stable Curve Pools: Stable coins are an important part of any trading platform, however there are currently limited options on Solana for swapping between stables like USDC and USDT. While there are great teams like Mercurial Finance and Stableswap working on this, we think it’s important for Raydium to have a straightforward in-house solution. We’ve been working on a new AMM curve that will enable swapping of stables while also providing liquidity to Serum. This AMM curve will also address an increasing need for the swapping of other assets with highly correlated prices, such as synthetics with underlying assets or equivalent synthetics.
  • Sushiswap Integration: We are also set on bringing Sushiswap to the Raydium menu in the near future. Despite delays due to the crazy pace of development for both teams, integration with Sushi is still in the making. Implementation and cooperation between the teams is ongoing and we are hoping to have more info on this soon.


  • Governance: One of our next objectives is allowing increased community participation in the development and direction of Raydium and further decentralizing the protocol. With the number of projects and communities now interacting with Raydium, we’re eager to get everyone more involved. We are currently working with Solana on a flexible on-chain governance platform and the logistics of how to better serve the community through this initiative.
  • Solana Hackathon: The Solana Season Hackathon is going on right now, with Raydium playing a key role. Core Raydium team members are on the judges panel and will be assessing the next wave of Solana projects from among thousands of registered teams. We’re even putting up $40,000 in grant money for the leading projects. You can be sure that we’ll be chatting with the top teams as well, and looking to help kick-start their journeys as part of the Solana ecosystem.

We’ll continue to push out additional details on these points as we have them, but we hope this helps give an overview on some of the key things on the agenda. Again, we appreciate everyone’s support since Raydium’s launch, and we’re excited for the next 100 days on the voyage to liquidity and beyond!

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