Media Network Launching on AcceleRaytor

A privacy-first CDN allowing decentralized P2P content delivery

We’re excited to announce that on April 29th, Media Network will become Raydium’s first AcceleRaytor launch! Media Network is a privacy-first CDN allowing decentralized P2P content delivery.

1. MEDIA AcceleRaytor Public Raise details:

Total tokens for the raise: 100,000 MEDIA (1% of total MEDIA supply)

Eligibility and Pool Details:

There are two types of pools available for the MEDIA raise, the RAY pool and the Community Pool.

  • 7-day staking deadline: 9PM GMT+8 on April 22nd, 2021
  • Total tokens: 50,000 MEDIA, unlocked
  • Total raise: 500,000 USDC
  • Minimum allocation: 50 USDC
  • Maximum allocation: 600 USDC
  • RAY Pool participants are also eligible for an allocation in the Community Pool
  • Total tokens: 50,000 MEDIA, unlocked
  • Total raise: 500,000 USDC
  • Minimum allocation: 50 USDC
  • Maximum allocation: 450 USDC

How Does it Work?

Guaranteed proportional fixed price model: Participants are able to deposit any amount between the min and max allocation during the open period for the pools. Pools can be oversubscribed, meaning that once the total raise is met, participants are still able to contribute funds to the pool. The token price is fixed and will not change no matter how much is subscribed. When pools close, there are two scenarios which determine final allocation:

  1. Upon closing, the pools are oversubscribed and the total amount contributed is above the total raise amount: Participants will receive an allocation proportional to their contributed funds as a percentage of total funds contributed. Remaining funds will be returned when the user claims their tokens. (User Allocation = (User Amount Contributed/Total Amount Contributed to the Pool)*Total Tokens in the Pool)

2. MEDIA IDO on Raydium:

Tokens for IDO LP liquidity: 50,000 MEDIA (0.5% of total MEDIA supply)

  • Participants in the AcceleRaytor raise pools will also be able to claim their tokens at the same time the MEDIA-USDC LP launches.
  • Reward emissions on the Fusion pool will begin approximately 30 minutes after the MEDIA-USDC LP launches, to give users time to add liquidity and stake in the Fusion pool for MEDIA yield farming.

What is Media Network?

Media Network is a new protocol that bypasses traditional CDN providers’ centralized approach for a self-governed and open source solution where everyone can participate. Media Network creates a distributed bandwidth market that enables service providers such as media platforms to hire resources from the network and dynamically come and go as the demand for last-mile data delivery shifts. It allows anyone to organically serve content without introducing any trust assumptions or pre-authentication requirements. Participants earn MEDIA rewards for their bandwidth contributions, a fixed supply SPL token minted on Solana’s Blockchain.


No MEDIA tokens are currently in circulation, anything suggesting otherwise is a scam! Be careful out there and always check token addresses!

  • Ethereum — ERC20: 0xdb726152680ece3c9291f1016f1d36f3995f6941

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