Raydium and Magic Eden Join Forces to Boost Solana NFTs

Raydium and Magic Eden Partner to Increase NFT Accessibility in the Ecosystem

2 min readOct 13, 2021

Raydium’s DropZone shipped its first fair launch NFT project on September 16. In less than a month, we’ve received hundreds of DropZone applications, welcomed countless new users to the Solana ecosystem, and worked with innovative teams across the world. Our partnership with Magic Eden marks the beginning of the next phase of NFTs on Raydium. We’re proud to announce the first step of our partnership today with many more exciting details to come!

Magic Eden hasn’t wasted any time in becoming one of the fastest-growing marketplaces on Solana. Within two weeks of going live, Magic Eden’s 24-hour trading volume reached a high of over 50k SOL. Every day, over 200K users visit their website to research and trade NFTs. Now, less than a month after their September 18th launch, total trading volume has surpassed 350K SOL. Magic Eden’s team has impressed NFT enthusiasts by being first to market with key features like bidding, rarity index integration, and its own launchpad and minting mechanism.

In partnership with Magic Eden:

  • Raydium users will be able to trade NFTs natively on the Raydium website, powered by Magic Eden
  • All projects who list NFTs will be dual-listed on Raydium & Magic Eden, doubling liquidity and engagement
  • Magic Eden will integrate Raydium’s Swaps, allowing any token to be used as payment for NFTs on the platform.
  • Raydium DropZone projects get priority verification on Magic Eden. They can onboard and list new projects in less than 10 minutes.

Raydium’s partnership with Magic Eden will feature a dual-pronged marketing approach and increase the reach of the Solana-native NFT marketplace. We envision this cross-platform partnership will make NFTs more accessible to users in the ecosystem, increase NFT demand and bolster NFT liquidity.

This is just the first step in Raydium’s new journey into NFTs with Magic Eden, we’ll be sharing more details soon!

Make sure to follow the official Magic Eden channels below for updates!

Website: https://magiceden.io/

Medium: https://medium.com/@magic_eden

Twitter: https://twitter.com/magiceden_nft

Discord: http://discord.gg/Ha8rC6vUxK




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